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Ethiopia: Heart touched story of The pilot


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Aircraft pilot, a person who flies or navigates an aircraftPilot most commonly refers to:

  • Maritime pilot, a person who guides ships through hazardous waters
  • Television pilot, a trial episode made to sell a TV series

Pilot or The Pilot may also refer to:

Science and technology

  • Pilot experiment, a precursor to a full experiment
  • Pilot light, a flame kept continually burning and used to light burners on household appliances
  • Pilot signal, or pilot tone, in telecommunications


  • Pilot fish (Naucrates ductor), a small fish
  • Pilot whale, a whale-like dolphin


  • Pilot (operating system), designed by Xerox PARC in the 1970s
  • PILOT, a computer programming language for computer assisted instruction (CAI)
  • Pilot job, a type of multilevel scheduling


  • Piloting (navigation) or pilotage, the act of navigating by visual landmarks over water or in the air
  • Pilot (locomotive), a device that deflects obstacles from the front of a locomotive, also known as a cowcatcher
  • Station pilot, a locomotive used for shunting passenger coaches and vans
  • Pilotman, a railway worker who ensures that only one train enters a single track rail segment at a time
  • Pilot (automobile), three models of automobile produced in the early 1900s
  • Ford Pilot, a European Ford sold during the late 1940s
  • Honda Pilot, a large crossover SUV sold by Honda


  • HMS Pilot, one of four ships of the British Royal Navy
  • Pilot (icebreaker), the first icebreaker ship, built in 1864
  • Pilot (boat), a pilot boat and museum ship in San Diego, California
  • Pilot (1813 ship), a convict transport to New South Wales


  • "Pilot" (short story), by Stephen Baxter
  • Pilot (Farscape), a character in the science fiction television series Farscape


  • The Pilot (newspaper), the official newspaper of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston
  • The Pilot (newspaper), 1830s-1840s Dublin-based Repeal Association newspaper owned and edited by Richard Barrett
  • The Pilot (Canadian newspaper), a newspaper
  • Pilot (UK magazine), a UK-based general aviation magazine
  • The Virginian-Pilot, the daily newspaper of Norfolk, Virginia and the surrounding Hampton Roads metro area


  • The Pilot: A Tale of the Sea, an 1824 novel by James Fenimore Cooper
  • The Pilot, a novel by Robert P. Davis


  • Pilot No. 5, a 1943 film
  • The Pilot (film), a 1980 film adapted from the Davis novel
  • Pilots (film), a 2000 Malayalam film

Television production, (United States)

  • Television pilot, a television episode used to sell a series to a television network

Television titles and episodes

  • "Pilot" (television episode), list of television pilots named "Pilot"
  • "The Pilot" (Seinfeld), the two-part season finale of Seinfeld's fourth season
  • "The Pilot" (Doctor Who), an episode of the tenth series of Doctor Who

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