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Sheger Yechewata Engida - Ethiopian Author Adam Reta

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Added by fana Tigabu in Art and Literature


Eventough top ten categories are based on subjective views  but just to give a hint I will name top ten  authors based on the total grossing books as well as known recognition Book Trade mark.Note that this includes writers who have passed and doesn't include journalists with some

1.Afowork Gebreyehsus

  From what I know he started it all and all the writers after him are his sons.He is the grandfather of fictional writing( lebel welde Tarik)and first to study art aboard during the 19 century where almost 94% of the population considered illiterate.he also worked as a translator the Italian close to the King Menilik and Taytu and claim to be responsible for debunking the Article 18 treaty which single handedly saved the country from colonization.eventough he sided with Italy during the pretext war his matery of the language was recognized as one of the most influential and important writing footprint of the Generation. But  However, upon Haile Selassie's return to Ethiopia, Afaworq was arrested by the restored Ethiopian government, tried for treason, and sentenced to death—a sentence subsequently commuted to life imprisonment. He was exiled to Jimma,then died in prison.

Most Notable work and critical acclaims

Atse Fasilልብ ፡ ወለድ ፡ ታሪክ ። (Libb Wolled Tārīk) [A Heart-Born Story]. Rome 1908.ዳግማዊ ፡ ምኒልክ ፡ ንጉሠ ፡ ነገሥት ፡ ዘኢትዮጵያ ። (Dāgmāwī Minīlik Nigūse Negest ze-'Ītyōṗyā) [Menelek II, King of Kings of Ethiopia]. Rome 1909; second edition, Dire Dawa 1919.

2. Hadis alemayhu

One of the most prominent writers in Ethiopian Literature.words can't express his contribution to Amharic language.he carefully detailed and depicted the relationship of fedul structure in Ethioipia tthrough a love story which perfectly combines both comedy and tragedy in crtically acclaimed

Fikier Eske Mekabere which is a Romeo and Juliet version of Amharic Language.

3.Dinaw Mengestu

Dinaw Mengestu is an Ethiopian-American novelist and writer. In addition to being a novelist ,he has written for Rolling Stone on the war in Darfur, and for Jane Magazine on the conflict in northern Uganda. His writing has also appeared in Harper's and The Wall Street Journal.But  wait there is more, he is the champion of different types accolades and  awards.How many ?these many


  • New York Times Notable Book 2007
  • Lannan Fiction Fellowship, 2007
  • National Book Award Foundation, 5 Under 35 Award, 2007
  • Guardian First Book Award, 2007
  • Prix Femina Etranger, Finalist, 2007
  • Grand Prix des Lectrices de Elle, Finalist 2007
  • Prix du Premier Meilleur Roman Etranger, 2007
  • Dylan Thomas Prize, Finalist 2008
  • New York Public Library Young Lions Award Finalist 2008
  • Los Angeles Times Book Prize, 2008
  • The New Yorker \"20 Under 40\", 2010 \"Fiction: 20 under 40: Dinaw MenThe New Yorker, 14 June 2010
  • Vilcek Prize for Creative Promise in Literature, 2011.

His osomeness in wrting is ahead of the current generation.

4.Assefa Wossen

He is the royal blood to be prince and is grandson of Former Ethioipian King Haileselassie who has published many literature works about Ethioipa in dutche language.13 to be exact.


ፀገ) is an Ethiopianauthor and journalist. He works for the Addis Zemen known for his best novel mithat and for writing the famous

Play( filega )


Hama Tuma is a poet and writer known for depicting his social and political views in his writings and investigating agendas.

Works are

  • Why Don't They Eat Coltan? (Infinity Publishing, 2010)
  • Democratic Cannibalism: African Absurdities III (Infinity Publishing, 2007)
  • The Case of the Criminal Walk and Other Stories (Outskirts Press, May 2006)
  • Give Me a Dog's Life Any Day: African Absurdities II (essays; Trafford Publishing, 2004)
  • African Absurdities: Politically Incorrect Articles (essays; First Publish, 2002)
  • Case of the Socialist Witchdoctor and other stories (short stories; Heinemann, 1993)
  • Of Spades and Ethiopians (poetry; Free Ethiopian Press, 1991)
  • Eating an American and Other Poems(1995)
  • Habeshigna #1 & #2 (two collections of poetry in Amharic)
  • Kedada Chereka (novel)


7.Adame Reta


This writer is the most talented modern short story(and personally my favorite)writer of the current generation.i am proud to say I have read almost all his works and publications.he is the Charlie Kaufman of Ethioipia interms of literature. he is the undisputed king of short stories creating exciting fiction that contain a little bit of everything.If u know Amharic,jst read his works and if u don't like it I will eat my hat.Deal


Alengana meser,yewosdal mengede yametal mengede,Mahelaet and others

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