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Ethiopia:- BBN Daily Ethiopian News October 23, 2018

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Alamata is a town and separate wereda ('Alamata Town') in northern Ethiopia. Located in the Debubawi(Southern) zone of the Amhara region (or kilil), it has a latitude and longitude of 12°25′N 39°33′E and an elevation of 1520 meters above sea level and is located along Ethiopian Highway 2. It is surrounded by Alamata woreda.


On 14 December 1895, Emperor Menilek's passed through Alamata on their way northwards against the Italians. Arbegnoch under British leadership, liberated the town from Italian control during the Second World War on 5 May 1941; it was at the southern edge of the Woyane rebellion of 1943. On 14 December 1895, Emperor Menilek's passed through Alamata on their way northwards against the Italians.

Arbegnoch under British leadership, liberated the town from Italian control during the Second World War on 5 May 1941.

The first reports of crop failure in Wollo, were made in October 1971 by the chief municipal officer of Alamata; this report was handled very indifferently by his superiors who did not respond until July 1972, when they asked for a revised report.

Based on the 2007 national census conducted by the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia (CSA), this town has a total population of 33,214, of whom 16,140 are men and 17,074 women. 82.35% of the population said they were Orthodox Christians, and 16.96% were Muslim.

The 1994 census reported this town had a total population of 26,179 of whom 12,094 were males and 14,085 were females.

Alamata wereda is located in the north easter part of Amhara region bordered by Raya Azebo in the North, Ofla in the west, National Regional State in the south and the Afar National Regional State in the East at 12°15'N latitude and 39°35'E longitude. It is situated 600km north of Addis AbAba and about 250km east of the AmharaRegional capital city, Gondar. It has ten tabias, namely: Tumuga, Selen Wuha, Limaat,Selam Bekalsi, Kulu Gize lemlem, Gerjale, Ta`o, La`elay Dayu, Tsetsera and Merewa.

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