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  • the upcoming Addis Resident ID


    The #Addis Ababa city resident ID has describe nationality than ethnicity and it s more digitized.

    There are many complains raising on the previous one regarding to ethnic group.

    in addition, many of the dwellers of were not happy on the earlier ID . 


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  • Eritrean Father stabbed his wife and her two children to death, injured her mother.

    It happened in Columbus Ohio last Monday. According to Admas Radio sources, he and the family came from Eritrea a year ago. Recently there was an argument between the husband and wife. He is 64, she is 33. They had two children together, and she has two more (18 and 19) from previous relationship.

    According to police report, He came to the house with a knife and killed her and her two teenage children, while injuring her 51 year old Mother. Even if the two other kids, whom he fathered were home, he didnt touch them. At the end, police arrived and told him to drop the knife. When he refused , he was shot and latter died. Admas Radio sources told us that the victims were buried in Columbus Ohio.

    The future fate of the two infants is jeopardized by this incident.

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